Meet Katie Fears

Award Winning Minneapolis and St Paul Area Photographer


She believed she could, and so she did

On most days you can find me planning my next travel adventure. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been looking forward to visiting some place new or booking a destination wedding or portrait session.  Traveling makes me excited and inspired.  If you called me today and asked if I wanted to go to Paris next week, I’d be buying my ticket that afternoon.  My favorite destinations so far include;

Paris, France |  Barcelona, Spain |  Chang Mai, Thailand |  Cinque Terre, Italy |  Sorrento, Italy   |  London, UK |  Kochi, India |  Haapi, Tonga | Northern New Zealand |  Sydney, Australia | Melbourne, Australia | Rome, Italy |  Riviera Maya, Mexico |  Cancun, Mexico | Santorini, Greece |  Athens, Greece |  Bangkok, Thailand |   Siem Reap, Cambodia |  And so many more

I’m also completely obsessed with home design and renovations.  I think Nicole Curtis, on Rehab Addict, and I would be great friends!  And who doesn’t love Joanne & Chip Gaines, on Fixer Upper?  If HGTV showed up at my door tomorrow I’d kick off my high heals and grab my power drill in an instant.

But if it’s the every day Katie you are looking for I love trying the newest hit restaurants or finding the best hole-in-the-wall places.  I’m always sneaking out for a mid day brunch with friends. Life is made better by surrounding yourself with those you love and those that lift you up.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Amazing destination wedding photographer // Katie Fears is looking for a few special clients traveling and planning their wedding to a international destination.  If photography is the most important thing to you on your wedding day I encourage you to email Katie today to start discussing your vision and wedding plans.  She will work with you directly or with your wedding planner and organizer to help create the most stunning memories.

Top Destination Wedding Locations 2017

The Big Island, Hawaii |  Bar Harbor, Maine | Tucson, Arizona | Sea Island, Georgia |  San Francisco, California |  Antigua|  Caribbean | Cayman Islands | St. Thomas and St. John | Turks and Caicos |  Amalfi Coast, Italy | Ireland | Tuscany, Italy | Fiji| Cozumel |  Belize |