Planning your engagement session

How To Plan Your Perfect Engagement Session

When it comes to your engagement session, this should be easy.  The hardest part was choosing your amazing photographer.  Now sit back and relax. This session should be just about you and your loved one.  These will be the portrait you hang on your wall, in all likely hood, longer than your wedding photos.  I encourage clients to think of this beautiful portrait hanging on their wall at home so everyday when they walk in the door they are greeted by their love.  I mean who doesn't want to come home to a great big smile :) So keeping that in mind here are some tips and tricks to plan out a perfect engagement session, just for you.

To set the scene I ask my clients to tell me what they do for fun together. - Are you outdoorsy, how about camping? - What's your favorite season and why?- What is your favorite date night idea?

:: STEP ONE ::

Once you have answered these questions you can pick a few ideas to style your shoot around.  For example Chase & Rachel love camping and canoeing.  So we planned for a great outdoor location at sunset and I had them bring with a tent and beautiful canoe. Other ideas can steam from downtown landscape for a fun date night or a apple orchard for a beautiful fall season in the midwest.  One of my favorites is the cherry blossom bloom on the east coast.

:: STEP TWO ::

Great!  You have a styled theme, now let's plan your outfits.  I recommend two. This gives you some great variety.  Remember to dress from head to toe.  Accessories are always a great add on to any outfit.  Going shopping for these outfits can be a great excuse to get something new and fun.  And last but defiantly not least make sure you love how they fit you.  Try them on head of time!  If your struggling with were to start check out my Pinterest board for inspiration. 


And last is picking a few props to bring with you.  The key is to not go over board but bring with enough to add a bit of personality to your session.  If you love coffee and drink that together a lot maybe some adorable mugs would be a good idea.  A Starbucks coffee cuddle session!  I had a couple that collected old cameras so we brought those to the session.  Again, this is where I was to see your personality come through.  If you're having a hard time deciding, pack it all.  Then at your session you can narrow it down and only bring out what you need.

If you have additional questions or want help with any of these steps please don't hesitate to contact Katie.  She can't wait to help plan your perfect styled engagement session!


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