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Branding and Business Photography 

Product Photography

Katie Fears is a world-class branding photographer based out of the Minneapolis and St Paul area; offering commercial and business branding photography services. A must-have for any corporation wanting to showcase products online or in store! Each shoot is styled and photographed depending on your needs.  

Branding & Company Photos

This is a great option to get high quality photographs  your company and products.  Some example of this may be for bloggers, stylist, small business owner, personal assistant, dress designer, etc.  Please contact us for a quote today.

Recent Business Photography Clients

  • West Elm; Edina
  • 5 Vodka
  • Gatorsaver
  • Summit Pilates
  • The Pie Shop
  • North Star Craft Soda
  • Laurel Village
  • Cool Jerk
  • Intermedia Arts
  • Brown & Greene
  • Che Bella
  • Buttercream
  • Da BOMB
  • Fulton Brewery
  • West Elm Media

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