Wall Art

Wall Art

There is nothing better in my opinion then walking into my home and seeing my beautiful family covering my walls.  I call it art work because I truly believe it.  It's not a painting or pastel it's a photograph.  A memory I love and cherish captured forever.  "Que the violins" lol.  I believe every home should have beautiful art work that graces their walls.  It makes a home feel warm and inviting. It puts a smile on your face every day, even during those overcast days when no sunlight shines in through your windows.

I talk about this all the time with my portrait clients at Brio Art.  As a home designer it's a bit different.  Not only are we discussing your wall art but your sofa, rug and color tones.  All of which tie into make a stunning room.

When I start with a new room I pick a feel or one idea first.  Then the rest of the room can center around that.  The idea can me small or large.  For example in a living room I am currently designing we want to have a wall collage like the one below.  So after choosing the color frames and size of this art installation, next we focus on the content. 

Do we want it to be family photos?  If so are they "in the moment" or professional ones?  Do we need to make a appointment to get some taken?

Or are the photos going to be of landmarks, textures, travel scenery?  If so let's pull from your archives and see what we have to work with.

Once this important decision is made we can have them printed and start to lay them out.  This does matter.  Some photographs will look better on top, in the middle or on the bottom.

Next they are hung and WALA, a beautiful new art installation for your living room.  And it all stemmed from a Pinterest photos.