Growing Too Fast

My little lady is growing too fast. This months milestone was crawling at lighting speed and standing.  She still has her ridiculously cute laugh that vibrates, and she has added even more facial expressions to her ever expanding repertoire.  However, I think the biggest one that got me was the two bottom teeth that came in on Christmas day. 

Her favorite activity is talking especially when others are conversing around her.  She will raise her voice so loud you have to stop and listen to what she has to say.  This is especially the case at the dinner table, which or course she now needs to be a part of while munching on Cheerios & yogurt melts.  When the day is done there is nothing better than some quick snuggles (she doesn't like long hugs, which I'm determined to change) and some tickles.  The best laugh's are right before bed. 

With the new house I'm hard at work designing and decorating her new room.  I was at Oh Baby yesterday at the Galleria and noticed their adorable clouds hanging from the ceiling.  That's a must.  A cute little reading nook, since she can't get enough of her books.  Honestly, these were her favorite this Christmas.  The gifts she got most excited about.  The Pinterest page is filling up with ideas.  Can't wait to share the progress once I get started.  So until then, here's my baby's 9 months photos. :)

9 Months Old