Meet Katie Fears

Award Winning International wedding photographer &
travel addict based in Minneapolis, MN

On most days you can find wedding and portrait photographer Katie Fears planning her next destination wedding or travel adventure, remodeling a old home or enjoying a glass of wine with good friends and clients.  Traveling keeps her inspired, ripping down a wall keeps her in shape and the glass of wine ... keeps her happy.

Why I do what I do ...

"The truth is ... the laugh that explodes from your mouth or the tears of happiness that stream down your face.  These are the feelings that make our life so incredibly special.

We will get along great if you're planning a marriage more beautiful than a wedding. Portrait photography is the one choice in all of your family memories that endures. This is your life's legacy, make no compromises with your memories.  I want to focus on capturing moments that take our breath away and make us smile uncontrollably.

I don't do things half way, i'm a 110% kinda woman.  I believe in education, talent and above all determination."

Education & Talent

Minneapolis studio photographer Katie Fears in a nationally know wedding & portrait photographer who has been featured in many major wedding publications.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography from the University of Minnesota and a Associates degree is Portrait Photography.

Unlike the crowd of ‘self taught’ photographers, Katie prides herself in the years of education she received to create the photography studio owner and professional photographer she is today.  Over the past seven years Brio Art has dedicated itself to being a top editorial wedding & portrait photography studio focusing on it’s artistic talent and creativity.

Places I've been

Paris, France |  Barcelona, Spain |  Chang Mai, Thailand |  Cinque Terre, Italy |  Sorrento, Italy   |  London, UK |  Kochi, India |  Haapi, Tonga | Northern New Zealand |  Sydney, Australia | Melbourne, Australia | Rome, Italy |  Riviera Maya, Mexico |  Cancun, Mexico | Santorini, Greece |  Athens, Greece |  Bangkok, Thailand |   Siem Reap, Cambodia |  Reykjavík, Iceland | Westman Island, Iceland | Amsterdam, Netherlands | Venice, Italy | Como, Italy

Bucket List

Lisbon, Portugal | Azores | Copenhagen, Denmark | Patagonia | Machu Picchu, Peru | Vietnam

Brio Art's Associate photographer

 Best MN Childrens Photographer Katie Fears |

Meet Niki

A wine lover, mountain hiker and obsessed with yummy cakes.

On most days you will find our associate photographer Niki hanging out with her husband, napping with her dog, loving on her niece or exploring new places.  Her last great adventure was all over Germany!  She has been an amazing artist and creative photographer since 2013 and we are so excited to offer her talent here at Brio Art.